What is Beyond Care?

"Beyond Care" is the PHMC health network's commitment to offering a holistic, patient-centered approach to quality care. Like other health centers in our city, we've been providing care in the community for many years. But we are not satisfied with relying on the longevity of our relationships—as your health care needs evolve, we want to evolve with you.

Our clinics are recognized as patient-centered medical homes, which means that you not only get the benefit of quality care, but you also have a team of care experts who organize care around your needs. Using technology and a modern clinical setting, our clinical teams work with specialists, hospitals, social services, behavioral  health programs, housing providers and more to fully support you.

Our clinicians are known within the community for their level of commitment, and the PHMC health network team takes pride in:

• Easy clinic access, including same-day appointments
• Service for all, regardless of ability to pay
• Multiple locations around the city
• Excellent customer service
• Disease management programs
• Collaborative care processes
• And more

When you see the "Beyond Care" symbol, it's a reminder of our commitment to the care of our community and our willingness to go above and beyond for you and your family's health.



Beyond Care—It's what our community deserves.